Hello world!

Yes Hello World!

The best of the best is here to make a storm and be the best critic for the Canadan Jr. High Fashion world!!! (If you can even call it fashion.)

In a way it is deffinetly NOT fashion it is simply skinny jeans and a form fitting boring top. Like come on people, would it kill you to not wear something that flatterd you being thin every day? You may say it is harsh but really it is JUST THE TRUTH!!! Look around the next time you are at school and you will notice that it is pretty much all skinny jeans and a form fitting top. If it isn’t …LUCKY DUCK!!! If I haven’t already said this I’ll say it now BORING!!! I personly think we -us Jr. High girls- could be a little bit more creative with the whole thing. Oh, and yes I am also going to take this advice myself for the next term and then on, because I know that even I can get a bit cought up in the whole, jeans are the only “cool” pants and I must always look “thin” because that’s the most “atractive”.

Even to myself I will sometimes say “Come ON Jackee!!! Originality please!!!! Your outfits are starting to blend in with everyone elses and that is not cool.”

Personaly, I would be in heaven if even just the school I go to straightened up and started looking a little less mall.

Don’t get me wrong I go to the mall to get most of my clothes but what i mean by mall is what I’ve already mentioned skinny jeans, and a form fitting shirt all the time no down day.

Well yes my eye on the fashion world I am in is DEFFINETLY not ideal, but you know what? I don’t really care!I don’t care because what is the point in lying and saying that it is awesome and real fashion when ..well… have you seen the runways? They are a million times different (and better) then what there is to offer in my surroundings at least. Have you ever seen Project Runway? Looked at a fashion magazine? Seen pictures of runway shows?? Or anything else that has to do with real fashion? If so let me ask you…. Do those pictures or outfits look much like what you see at your average school???? Fashion wise that is. (just to clarify) To me? Not so much.

Well I’ve put myself out in the world as someone who is willing to give her real opinion on what is “in” at whatever the standerd no uniform school seems to be wearing.

If you have seen this and agree with this then in my opinion… you are SO right!!! But if you’ve seen this and disagree with it… well then look in your closet and think about what you wear to school everyday??? Is it similar to my description??? Well if it is then there you go. But if it isn’t and everyone wears differentoutfits with their own unique style. Then let me tell you… you’re SO, SO, SO lucky. Either way agree or disagree I’d love to hear it. So make a comment at the bottom of the post or send me an e-mail at jackeestylegirl@gmail.com to give me your opinion.



December 29th 2008

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. little backwards bird says:

    Yeah, you know it!
    Anyway, I’ll admit, a lot of stuff at schools is pretty boring. I’ll also admit, some of my stuff is pretty mall, but anyway, I am in desperate need for a shopping trip. I find it annoying when people advertise for a company when they aren’t getting paid! So that’s another real boring thing about jr.high fashionism. Don’t wear a name on your butt or chest.

    a little backwards bird ^’o'^

  2. greg says:

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!…

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