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Don’t forget your kid!!!

Friday, January 29th, 2010



I/my whole class that actually showed up today, got to be little kids again!!
Honest to God it was a blast! I mean, who doesn’t love swinging one of your bffs around on one of those mini scooters or playing in the snow because you have nothing better to do then to goof around. I mean dancing and playing with a parachute! who doesn’t love that? 

That is what I and my friends did all day. And I, for one, had a blast! I have a challenge for you. Be a little kid tomorrow and just, have fun! Do something that seems “little kiddish” like  buildling a  snowman with your friends. Or… making a fort! Even something as simple as catching snowfalkes. Let me tell you, if you do it with a smile, you’ll have an incredible time!

-Jackee <3

Sick Day

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Eww I hate being sick. It just feels so… ick.
But, having a day off school isn’t always sooooooo bad.
But, the fact thta none of your other friends are sick, you don’t feel good, and you are locked in your house and can’t escape for the day isn’t so great. 
Verdict… sick days suck

I can’t not be entertained, so, all day I’ve been doing stuff nad have come up with a pretty good list of the best things to do on a sick day:




Reading passes tons of time and keeps your mind off of how crappy you feel.



While no one will be online, you’ll still be able to vamp up your profile, make posts, play games, add and edit photos, ect., ect., ect.




Sleep away the day and just ignore whatever is , or isn’t, going on.



Cuddle up on your  couch with a blanket, pillow and some water. Put in your favourite movie or your favourite channel and get absorbed!

5.  SIMS


The ultimate family drama computer game can take a lot of time and keep you from feeling too lonely.

-Jackee <3


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010


While some may disagree I think Lady Gaga is amazing. She’s real! not just some fake Hollywood pop music artist that just wants to make a bunch of cash. She no doubt cares about fashion and music.  No doubt cares about her career. She’s driven, aand a little crazy!  She puts an amazing amount of effort into her career and makes what she wants to happen, happen.


Yes she’s outragous! Yes she’s insain! Yes she’s kissed girls! Yes she claims that she’s a guy inside! Yes she has worn a bird cage on her head! These are all just things that make her so… Gaga for crying out loud!  They’re all things that make her so different and unique.  


How she dresses is a whole other aspect of her personality. The avant garde outfits are always expressive and unique. Pretty much no one could pull off what she wears. 


 Then there is her music of course! my current favourite song by her is Bad Romance. I didn’t like it at first but then, I listened to it the second time and I really liked it a lot. Then there are he music video’s which are just as quirky as her wardrobe. They honest to god, are incredibly insane that one is bad romance, and this one is paparazzi . If you watched either one, I’m sure that you are now aware that they are a little out there..

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga = amazing!

-Jackee <3

The annoying manipulating, drives you crazy freak

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Don’t you just hate it when someone is stealing your friends?
Especially when your friends claimed 1 month ago to never talk to her and that they practically hated her?
I mean, girls MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! I mean in grade 5 and early 6 you were friends but since then, you freaking hate one another!!!
Now your “bff”s again??? hold up.. something isn’t adding up.
Especially when that girl is a.. trouble maker annoying, manipulating, drives you crazy freak! :)

Well meet Venessa, the trouble maker annoying, manipulating, drives you cbffs??razy freak.
and this is what she is doing with Gabby and Rae. They hated one another, but now they appear to be best friends and I just know, just know! that they will end up turning against Emily and I. Not because we did anything wrong, but because she has fun with it.  Because she simply.. feels like it.

Ohmigod, I’m sure you can relate, so I’m sure you get the drift. Well there is one of these in my life, so just a reminder, you not alone :) .



Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Well who ever is or isn’t reading this, I am (again) making a statement about this blog.

To start, as you know i haven’t been posting much what so ever. I want to post more, but i just never.. have aanything to write about, or i “forget”. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s all just pathetic crap that I’m saying to myself. So you know what? I am going to do more posting on my life, I mean something pops into my head, or something changes, or, anything really. It started off as a fashion blog, it evolved into an opinions blog, now it’s just a jackee blog. One for who ever wants to know that they aren’t crazy. That it’s awesome to be unique, that people honest to god have the same thoughts and opinions on things as you do.

While I will still be doing fashion posts and posts on things like that, I know that the most successful way for me to be doing this is the direction i am about to take.

Wish me luck. I wish you luck. I know you’ll love it <3

-Jackee <3