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Video for YSL

Friday, November 27th, 2009



YSL. (One of my favourite designers) has recently added a new… feature to their website. You now watch the entire collection walk down the runway instead of just seeing it in a picture. It’s incredibly entertaining if you ask me (I watched many of them of course :) ).


Check them out-




Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


I wanted to give a shout out and say that if you feel like laughing. Check out this site. It’s got some pretty funny posts. It’s called MyLifeIsAverage  but everyone just says MLIA.

So check it out.


Mean Girl Trumps Project Runway

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009


I ccan’t believe it! No, no no no. ”Meana Irina” (thanks Logan for the quote) wins Project Runway. The one with the uninventive black collection that has been seen way to many times before takes the prize. With the “what it takes to be a women in the city” speech/theme she doesn’t shine.

I mean, Lifetime you’re putting out the message that even if your a total jerk to everyone around you and apparently own the word “sweater” you will win in the end. So, you can stop trying to be nice and attack everyone who makes a sweater or does “smudgy eye make up” even though it was the Lorel people who suggested it to both of them in the first place. Oh and don’t forget to wear black all year long because everyone has worn it. Forget trying to be unique (Carol Hannah) or inturprate things that peole will actually want in their closet (Athea).

Nope the mean girl wins again. 



Faux, Recycled, Real, or just none???

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Yes, I am talking about fur. Some say “Save the animals” others, hardly care what so ever.


This “fur controversy” is a big deal to SO many people, but honestly, fur-yesI just don’t know which one I care for.

Is it part of being an animal and a human? Or is it just humans being cruel?

I mean, peole protest all the time. But, how are you really sure which way to go.. which side to choose?

donna-dump-fur Do you choose people who say no?

Or the ones who say yes?


Think about it.


Vivienne Westwood fall/ winter outfit

Friday, November 6th, 2009




Guy Friends

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

They’re crazy, out of control but also, one of the best things a girl can have.


Guy friends.guy-friends

No, I’m not talking you boyfriend, I’m not necessarily talking about your little brother. I’m talking about the true thing.  A guy who ‘s practically your best friend and is there for you.  Someone who you can laugh at and with; but won’t take it personally. Someone who cares about you but isn’t the girl who knows all your secrets. They know you well and you can trust them.

Guys can be really easy to get along with. Generally they just want to joke around and have a bit of fun. They are probably the ideal friend to hang around when you aren’t feeling great.

I,  believe it or not, I have more guy friends then girl ones.  I’ve already mentioned a quite a few (William, Justin, Logan, Ethan, Jace and Mac). But, they aren’t the only ones. I’m constantly making new guy friends.   John and Adam are 2 of my other newer guy friends.  And very recently I’ve started hanging out with a guy named Leo. Other then Carmen I haven’t really started to hang out with any other girls. Different huh?  Guys can just be SO much easier to get along with. Sure, they’ll probably tease you like crazy but that’s just their way of getting to know you and becoming an even better friend to you.

starRight now I’d have to say that Justin is probably my closest guy friend. I can depend on him to make me laugh even on the worst of days.  I probably wouldn’t tell him this to his face because that isn’t exactly how they role. They’ll let things slip under the raider, but they still know they’re there.    No this doesn’t mean I like-like him this just means he’s my closest guy friend. No doubt about it right now.

So, next time you’re feeling a little lonely or, just want a buddy to hang with, or just a laugh. Grab a guy. They’re almost a guarantee.