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G.L. Magazine

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

This Magazine here ↓

Is one of my favourite Magazines.  It’s a perfect every-other-month magazine for girls around the ages 12 or 13 to 16 and maybe even a bit older. It has quizes, advise, fashion, celebrities and so much more!

I in-fact am subscribed to this Magazine and am absolutly in love with it!

I suggest G.L. magazine highly.




Friday, May 29th, 2009

Have you lived through an Eclipse? Have you seen the time of day where the sun starts to set, twilight? What about noticed the little writing on your calander about every month that says “New Moon”. But the real question is… Have you been bitten by Breaking Dawn?

The Twilight Saga.

Yes I know Twilight is EVERYWHERE!!! But, there is a reason for it. It’s an incredibal book!

The love tail of Edward Cullen, and Bella Swan, mixed with thrill and action.

It truly is incredibal!