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Project Runway Canada!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Project Runway Canada is a very similar show to “project runway” (see post).

And best of all it premieres tonight!

With many fashionably fabulous contestants geared up and ready to go. The contestants are ready for some hard core designing! I’ll definitely watch it! What about you?





Thursday, January 22nd, 2009


Today in school we all got “writer’s notebooks”. They are basically for writing your ideas down when you get them for writing. It seems sort of boring in a way but it got me thinking…

What if I used this same concept for drawings of outfits? I guess most designers would just call it a sketch book and odviously they already have one….but what if I used it for putting together outfits with  peices I already have????

That is what really  triggered the idea of having a book to create outfits … A book for instead of things you don’t have, how about the things you do have … then you can also keep track of when you wore that outfit so you don’t  accidentally wear almost the same one in the same week. (Monday then Friday is fine..but Monday then Wednesday isn’t really….) Anyway I thought that, that way you would be able to put together outfits and save them for another day and not have to worry about forgetting “which pair of jeans the skinnies or the boot cut??? And which belt was it again??? The silver or blue….” (those sort of problems) since they just won’t happen!

Also, if you are needing an idea for an outfit and go to magizines for inspiration, when you see a look you like you can think through the clothes  that are the same style you have and then quickly sketch out the outfit you could put together.

Really it is just an idea and I think that it might be worth a shot.. no promises… but I’m  going to test it out ;) (wink)


Jackee <3

Great Gabs for under $30

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I was searching around for something to write about today online and then i clicked on an add from Perez Hilton. It took me to an “online boutique” I believe is what they called it…. anyway I was searching through the accessories and noticed that there is some nice stuff for under $30. Such as…..

early-bird-dangling-earringsearly brid dangling earrings - $11.00gloss-post-earrings-

Gloss post earring $12.00pretty-in-green-bracelete-

Pretty in Green bracelet -$26.00 (there is also one in pink for the same price if you would prefer it)multi-coloured-metallic-scarf-Multi coloured metallic scarf -$26.00

  even though these may not be the best accessories in the world but they are far from the worst. And impeccable for under $30. Don’t you agree???




P.s. thanks “tmn” for the finds!!!!

The Histroy of Mascara

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Did you know in 3400-30B.C. the Ancient Egyptians used a form of mascara???

They used soot, copper, lead and burnt almonds. And they put it on with bone. EWW! Wood ivory or glass. Imagine stick a shard of glass close to your eye??? There is such a good chance of you poking your eye out or cutting yourself!

Petroleum jelly was used around 1872 to make your eyelashes look glossy.

In 1917 something called “cake mascara” was invented. It was a mix of  soap and pigment. That you put on using a damp comb. Isn’t that weird. You would use a comb! I guess it makes sense but that is so….. different.

Greta Garbo (actress) was really the first to really “promote” mascara I guess you could say. This made other women want to test it out and other stars did the same to make their eyelashes have a darker and a heavier look.

Mascara scandal!!!! In the early 1930s a dye that was being used in the mascara was harmful and made some women blind.

In 1938 waterproof mascara was invented. Although it smelled bad and caused some allergic reactions to accrue it was definitely a good idea.

1950s - 1960s Synthetic formulas replaced  petroleum  base in most mascaras.

Mascara has continued to improve. It now comes in many colours and types. With different tubes, brushes and thicknesses.

In my opinion mascara is one of the best cosmetics. I think it can add chicness to an average look and brings attention to one of the most self expressions part of your body. Your eyes.

Over all mascara is an incredible cosmetic that is incredibly functional. Even though it can be a nausence, as you steady your hand and bring it closer to your eye then stroke it on. Accidentally slip, the brush touches your eye,  and “kaboom” you have to start again because you blinked too soon and it is now inertly smuged.

Even though that does happen from time to time. Mascara is an all time favourtie with lots of history.



diffrent mascara brands and types                     

Golden Globe Awards

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Last night was the 66th Golden Globe Awards. and today when I went online to check out the dresses that the red carpet walkers where wearing I noticed something.. colour wise this time…. I noticed golds, and flushed out colours I guess you could call them. softened gold was worn on some, whitey silvers on others, but really most of the top 19  “hotties” that where featured on the website itself where wearing theses colours. Those or pale blues on 1 and creams on a few as well.  I find this kind of  interesting.. really it is just an observation but who knows maybe in the next year those colours will be all the rage  :P


Jackee ♥

The game.

Friday, January 9th, 2009


One day I was playing dress up with my little sister. (Yes, dress up) I was having a really fun time at it actually, Picking out crazy outrageous outfits…. :) We got a theme then we dressed up like a character to fit the brief 1 or 2  word description. I was really enjoying myself, then i got thinking. These outfits really reflect me! Yes, I was pawing through mostly vintage completely ridiculous articles or my little sister’s old dress up stuff. (Which includes, insane princess dresses and  pink skirts that had butterflies and flowers on them.) Everything was either way to big or extremely tiny! Even though the prints weren’t and i had to alter every piece I found I came up with awesome outfits that where fun and original. 1 of the outfits I just put on just for the heck of it was on of my sister’s old bell dress. It was puffy and all!!! I put on as a skirt. Then I found a bright red multi layered skirt pulled it on and used it as the top part of my soon to be huge dress. Let me tell you… this dress turned out to be so big that if I tried to walk through a door way the dress would brush up against the edges it was HUGE but I absolutely loved it! Even though at this point in time you may be thinking “What is she talking about she loved it? I though she had style?” What I am really saying is that if i wore a much improved version of this dress to the right place or event, you would probably be thinking “OMG! I LOVE that dress she is wearing! It is SO unique!” I put together some other outfits as well. One  was the theme of a circus. I was a tightrope walker who also doubled as a ribbon dancer. (Weird I know. What can I say I was playing with my little sister!)  Any way I wore a Tye-dye sort of jumpsuit, with a neon lime green jumpsuit over top of it. Then a bright patterned skirt that I wore to a dance recital when I was 5. I squeezed it over the 2 jumpsuits and then added a multi coloured Lia necklace. I grabbed the ribbon and  in a unique way -like the other dress- I looked awesome in my own twisted way that was totally random and messed up! One other outfit I put together was a bit more i guess you could say, calmed down. It was supposed to be more casual. So I took my white tank top and an pearl sort of coloured  skirt and pulled it up over my tank top so with out the tank top it would look like a tube dress. Then with some sort of belt I changed it to an empire waisted dress.  I grabbed a brown purse, slung it over my shoulder and put on a pair of pink and white leggings to complete the look. Also like the 1st dress with improvements this outfit would have you going “Look at that girl’s outfit. I love it!”

So I guess what I am trying to tell you people today is that even though your outfit may be insane and almost completely ridicules. With some finishingtouches it can be really quite nice. Just because it isn’t neccacarily a popular look  or an ideal one, doesn’t mean at all that it doesn’t express you in a funky sort  of fun way and isn’t that waht Fashion is? Self expression? I don’t think your being you when you are following exactly what everyone else is wearing and don’t look unique. Don’t get me wrong, There is a fashion trend and to be fashionable i guess you do need to incorporate an element that is ”in” into your outfit if you also want it to be trendy. Your outfit doesn’t have to be the same as the one in the magazine but the trend wants a peice or 2 with the same sort of style in there as well.

Remember, “Self Expression.”




Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


Sorry, I haven’t updated in SO long. Anyway, Sadly everything is still skinny jeans and a form fitting top. But….. I’m not sure about any other schools but… where I am at oversize scarves are the new thing. I walked into my class room and almost every girl was wearing one. This is definitely an improvement. I can quote  Rachel Zoe (stylist and T.V. star) in People Magazine in the December 29th 2008 issue in the “What’s Next?” section, saying.

“Yummy oversize scarves. And denim is the biggest ever.”

So, still not saying that the situation is wonderful for Jr. High fashion but I do think that it has slightly improved.

Well I hope your situation has improved as well and gotten better then the usual.



Project Runway

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Happy New Years!!!!!

Over the holiday our “homework” was to work on a speech, to present to the class and i’f your (in my opinion) unlucky you say it in front of your whole grade, and if your really unlucky in front of the whole school! Anyway, my topic is on Project Runway. It isn’t a super popular show but it is really good! It’s a reality T.V. show that is for designers basically what happens is the designers  create an outfit and then they get judged. sounds simple right… well they get only 1 or 2 days top work on a full outfit. One time they had to make a wedding dress in 2 days.. usually it takes at least a week or 2 of work to make a wedding dress but the designers only had 2 days, and some of the dresses where STUNNING!!! It’s a high Fashion show.

I bet you’ve heard of the judges… Heidi Klum… ring a bell.. Supermodel. Then ever heard of Micheal Kors??? Top fashion designer. Then there is Nina Garcia (it would make sense if you haven’t heard of her) she was the Fashion Editor of Elle for a while but i think she is now working at Marie Claire.

They are making a Project Runway Canada. It’s the second season as well, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Well trust me if you haven’t heard of it or watched it you REALLY should it’s super entertaining and has awesome designs. So, yes it is recommended.