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Lady GaGa goes for purple D: or :D……??????

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s new Lavender lips?? Personally… I love them! They are unique… my first impression is “absolutely FABOULS!”  Maybe you disagree in which you are entitled to your own opinion but ether way leave a comment. Do you agree or disagree?


Jackee ♥

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The Histroy of Mascara

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Did you know in 3400-30B.C. the Ancient Egyptians used a form of mascara???

They used soot, copper, lead and burnt almonds. And they put it on with bone. EWW! Wood ivory or glass. Imagine stick a shard of glass close to your eye??? There is such a good chance of you poking your eye out or cutting yourself!

Petroleum jelly was used around 1872 to make your eyelashes look glossy.

In 1917 something called “cake mascara” was invented. It was a mix of  soap and pigment. That you put on using a damp comb. Isn’t that weird. You would use a comb! I guess it makes sense but that is so….. different.

Greta Garbo (actress) was really the first to really “promote” mascara I guess you could say. This made other women want to test it out and other stars did the same to make their eyelashes have a darker and a heavier look.

Mascara scandal!!!! In the early 1930s a dye that was being used in the mascara was harmful and made some women blind.

In 1938 waterproof mascara was invented. Although it smelled bad and caused some allergic reactions to accrue it was definitely a good idea.

1950s - 1960s Synthetic formulas replaced  petroleum  base in most mascaras.

Mascara has continued to improve. It now comes in many colours and types. With different tubes, brushes and thicknesses.

In my opinion mascara is one of the best cosmetics. I think it can add chicness to an average look and brings attention to one of the most self expressions part of your body. Your eyes.

Over all mascara is an incredible cosmetic that is incredibly functional. Even though it can be a nausence, as you steady your hand and bring it closer to your eye then stroke it on. Accidentally slip, the brush touches your eye,  and “kaboom” you have to start again because you blinked too soon and it is now inertly smuged.

Even though that does happen from time to time. Mascara is an all time favourtie with lots of history.



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