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Denim Jackets

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


The new “it” item denim jackets.
Love them because they’re so different, so versatile, so unique. They can be dressed up or down, give a chic of grungy look. They’re relaxed and cool, what’s not to love? 

Christmas is coming!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009


Hey everyone, Christmas is on it’s way (if you haven’t already heard ;P ). Holiday sales and fashion is about so keep you eyes pealed. 

So, I have a contest. Who ever sends me the best holiday outfit using pictures of pieces from the internet I’ll feature on the blog. All you have to do is send me an email ( ). Label the subject as Holiday Outfit from (insert your name here). Write a breif burb about the outfit and tada! you’ve entered. You can enter as many times as you’d like so you can send more then just one.  The deadline is December 20th and it’ll be posted on December 22nd. So, send me the outfit and maybe you’ll be the winner :). 

Jackee a-christmas-outfit-1

By the way,
This outfit took me about… 5 minutes to put together. So, you can do it quickly. It doesn’t take long.

I used a basic geometric printed dress for some fun visual interest, but it’s also fairly simple. I added the green necklace and the red shoes as touch of christmas and as accents to the dress. It’s basic, yes, but it fits the breif and was pulled off quickky. So, it’s a go :).

Video for YSL

Friday, November 27th, 2009



YSL. (One of my favourite designers) has recently added a new… feature to their website. You now watch the entire collection walk down the runway instead of just seeing it in a picture. It’s incredibly entertaining if you ask me (I watched many of them of course :) ).


Check them out-



Vivienne Westwood fall/ winter outfit

Friday, November 6th, 2009




Fashion Jr High!?!?!

Friday, March 20th, 2009 

This “Fashion Jr High” video with the Olsen twins in it is really happy- go- lucky i guess you could say.

It has a lot of “pep” in it and well really… I’d LOVE to go there because well who doesn’t want to go to a school all about fashion???

Well anyway what do you think of it?



YSL Tote

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Hey, I was looking up YSL and D&G and Micheal Kors one day to find the most expensive hande bag or tote or clutch you get my drift? Anyway guess what I found??? I found a YSL tote that is $9,635.00.


This is the incredibly expensive ($9635.00) YSL tote.

What do you think of it ????



Grammy fashion 2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I must say there was some very nice stuff that walked that red carpet Sunday Febuary 8th 2009.

After all the photos I have looked at from the Grammy’s these 2 are 2 of my favourites. 

Katy Perry


Kate Beckinsale,grammys-kate-beckinsale

The game.

Friday, January 9th, 2009


One day I was playing dress up with my little sister. (Yes, dress up) I was having a really fun time at it actually, Picking out crazy outrageous outfits…. :) We got a theme then we dressed up like a character to fit the brief 1 or 2  word description. I was really enjoying myself, then i got thinking. These outfits really reflect me! Yes, I was pawing through mostly vintage completely ridiculous articles or my little sister’s old dress up stuff. (Which includes, insane princess dresses and  pink skirts that had butterflies and flowers on them.) Everything was either way to big or extremely tiny! Even though the prints weren’t and i had to alter every piece I found I came up with awesome outfits that where fun and original. 1 of the outfits I just put on just for the heck of it was on of my sister’s old bell dress. It was puffy and all!!! I put on as a skirt. Then I found a bright red multi layered skirt pulled it on and used it as the top part of my soon to be huge dress. Let me tell you… this dress turned out to be so big that if I tried to walk through a door way the dress would brush up against the edges it was HUGE but I absolutely loved it! Even though at this point in time you may be thinking “What is she talking about she loved it? I though she had style?” What I am really saying is that if i wore a much improved version of this dress to the right place or event, you would probably be thinking “OMG! I LOVE that dress she is wearing! It is SO unique!” I put together some other outfits as well. One  was the theme of a circus. I was a tightrope walker who also doubled as a ribbon dancer. (Weird I know. What can I say I was playing with my little sister!)  Any way I wore a Tye-dye sort of jumpsuit, with a neon lime green jumpsuit over top of it. Then a bright patterned skirt that I wore to a dance recital when I was 5. I squeezed it over the 2 jumpsuits and then added a multi coloured Lia necklace. I grabbed the ribbon and  in a unique way -like the other dress- I looked awesome in my own twisted way that was totally random and messed up! One other outfit I put together was a bit more i guess you could say, calmed down. It was supposed to be more casual. So I took my white tank top and an pearl sort of coloured  skirt and pulled it up over my tank top so with out the tank top it would look like a tube dress. Then with some sort of belt I changed it to an empire waisted dress.  I grabbed a brown purse, slung it over my shoulder and put on a pair of pink and white leggings to complete the look. Also like the 1st dress with improvements this outfit would have you going “Look at that girl’s outfit. I love it!”

So I guess what I am trying to tell you people today is that even though your outfit may be insane and almost completely ridicules. With some finishingtouches it can be really quite nice. Just because it isn’t neccacarily a popular look  or an ideal one, doesn’t mean at all that it doesn’t express you in a funky sort  of fun way and isn’t that waht Fashion is? Self expression? I don’t think your being you when you are following exactly what everyone else is wearing and don’t look unique. Don’t get me wrong, There is a fashion trend and to be fashionable i guess you do need to incorporate an element that is ”in” into your outfit if you also want it to be trendy. Your outfit doesn’t have to be the same as the one in the magazine but the trend wants a peice or 2 with the same sort of style in there as well.

Remember, “Self Expression.”