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Tips For Middle School #2

Friday, October 16th, 2009

2.  Even though a teachers method on something may be not so great, like for each question in math you have to write an explanation, even though it’s dumb. Perfect their method. The teacher is the one marking it by-the-way, they want to see it that way. Meaning, that’s how you’re going to get the mark.

The Basics.

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven’t been writing a lot lately and I REALLY need to get onto it. Anyway, With the new segment I’m doing. (on my life) I figure you’d need to know the basics.

Part a)

1. I will give a name for everyone. Hopefully..

2. If you have a real comment I’ll accept it. If I can tell it’s actually one

Another part of this is the people. Here is a summary:

Part b)

1. Emily – My best friend.

2. Marissa – My other good friend (slightly wacky, bubbly, charismatic but giggly).

3. Gabby – Another female friend of mine. Outgoing sometimes. (Very… emotional)

4. Rae – Very quiet, best friends with Gabby.

5.  William – nice, unexpectedly talented at writing, funny ( a guy friend of mine)

6.  Justin – Funny,  charismatic, athletic.

7. Logan – Shy… sometimes, obnoxious but funny. Annoying yet nice.

9. Ethan – self absorbed!!! Nosey. Pest like ( I know they’re all negative but he bugs me a lot) Ethan used to go out with Emily. But she dumped him.

10. Jace – A total girl even though he’s a guy. Nice but a drama queen :P used to date Gabby.

11. Mac  - Quiet but crazy , smiles.

So those are the people  you’ll probably hear most about.

You may not read this all but I bet you’ll come back  to it to remember who is who J

Well, those are the basic names.



Complementry Colours.

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

blue-and-orangestrawberrysyellow-and-purpleEver heard of them???? If you have do you know what they are????  Which colour goes with what???

I do!

Well basically complementary colours are colours that are opposites on the colour wheel.  Even though they sometimes don’t look stellar together they complement each other and make certain piecesstand out.

The complementary colours:

Blue and Orange

Green and Red

Yellow and Purple

As you can tell by just picturing these colours in your head they don’t necessarily work well together. But they do complement each other.

“How does this relate to fashion?” you may be asking… Well, this one is basic! If you want a certan article of your clothing to stand out then match it with it’s complementary colour! Fashion is an art. It uses many assets of art. Colour is one of them.

Hope this will help!