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Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Well who ever is or isn’t reading this, I am (again) making a statement about this blog.

To start, as you know i haven’t been posting much what so ever. I want to post more, but i just never.. have aanything to write about, or i “forget”. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s all just pathetic crap that I’m saying to myself. So you know what? I am going to do more posting on my life, I mean something pops into my head, or something changes, or, anything really. It started off as a fashion blog, it evolved into an opinions blog, now it’s just a jackee blog. One for who ever wants to know that they aren’t crazy. That it’s awesome to be unique, that people honest to god have the same thoughts and opinions on things as you do.

While I will still be doing fashion posts and posts on things like that, I know that the most successful way for me to be doing this is the direction i am about to take.

Wish me luck. I wish you luck. I know you’ll love it <3

-Jackee <3