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Mean Girl Trumps Project Runway

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009


I ccan’t believe it! No, no no no. ”Meana Irina” (thanks Logan for the quote) wins Project Runway. The one with the uninventive black collection that has been seen way to many times before takes the prize. With the “what it takes to be a women in the city” speech/theme she doesn’t shine.

I mean, Lifetime you’re putting out the message that even if your a total jerk to everyone around you and apparently own the word “sweater” you will win in the end. So, you can stop trying to be nice and attack everyone who makes a sweater or does “smudgy eye make up” even though it was the Lorel people who suggested it to both of them in the first place. Oh and don’t forget to wear black all year long because everyone has worn it. Forget trying to be unique (Carol Hannah) or inturprate things that peole will actually want in their closet (Athea).

Nope the mean girl wins again. 



Jason Meyers Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been looking through some of the photo’s from LG Fashion Week latley and I’d loike to show you what some of the designers did. 

Here’s some of Jason’s work.

 jasonmeyers41  jasonmeyers51  

jasonmeyers32  jasonmeyers23 

 jasonmeyers-11 jasonmeyers8




The famous project runway… season 6???

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Project Runway will be doing a 6th season! 

It will be starting on August 20th I believe and will have a fresh set of contestants to blow you away… hopefully…

I have my fingers crossed.



Project Runway Canada!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Project Runway Canada is a very similar show to “project runway” (see post).

And best of all it premieres tonight!

With many fashionably fabulous contestants geared up and ready to go. The contestants are ready for some hard core designing! I’ll definitely watch it! What about you?




Project Runway

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Happy New Years!!!!!

Over the holiday our “homework” was to work on a speech, to present to the class and i’f your (in my opinion) unlucky you say it in front of your whole grade, and if your really unlucky in front of the whole school! Anyway, my topic is on Project Runway. It isn’t a super popular show but it is really good! It’s a reality T.V. show that is for designers basically what happens is the designers  create an outfit and then they get judged. sounds simple right… well they get only 1 or 2 days top work on a full outfit. One time they had to make a wedding dress in 2 days.. usually it takes at least a week or 2 of work to make a wedding dress but the designers only had 2 days, and some of the dresses where STUNNING!!! It’s a high Fashion show.

I bet you’ve heard of the judges… Heidi Klum… ring a bell.. Supermodel. Then ever heard of Micheal Kors??? Top fashion designer. Then there is Nina Garcia (it would make sense if you haven’t heard of her) she was the Fashion Editor of Elle for a while but i think she is now working at Marie Claire.

They are making a Project Runway Canada. It’s the second season as well, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Well trust me if you haven’t heard of it or watched it you REALLY should it’s super entertaining and has awesome designs. So, yes it is recommended.