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Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I just want to say sorry, for my leave of absince…
but I’m back.
and coming back strong.


What does my name mean?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Thanks !



Old English: From Jackie, meaning Supplanter, Representative

sorry it’s so small, tech. difficulties

Once a Month… May 2010

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010


I’m liking the colour: Yellow
Im listening to: Money, money, money - Abba
Liking the group: AFI
I’ve been liking the designer: Calvin Klein
I’ve been reading: over high school courses.
I think: That 82 year olds talk A LOT!
My Guilty Pleasure: Justin Bieber

-Jackee <3

Fashion Shot

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Hey, went to a fashion show, it was low key but, here are my favourites:











Sorry they aren’t centered, Jackee <3

Once a month… April 2010

Friday, April 9th, 2010


I’m liking the colour: Black (em. I know :P)
I’m listening to: Old White Lincoln - The Gasoline Anthem
Liking the group: The Killers

I’ve been liking the designer: DKNY
I’ve been reading: The Cliques: Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (again)
Movie?:  The Diary of a Wimpy Kid , An Education
I think: that guys cause the drama! NOT GIRLS!!!

-Jackee <3



Don’t forget your kid!!!

Friday, January 29th, 2010



I/my whole class that actually showed up today, got to be little kids again!!
Honest to God it was a blast! I mean, who doesn’t love swinging one of your bffs around on one of those mini scooters or playing in the snow because you have nothing better to do then to goof around. I mean dancing and playing with a parachute! who doesn’t love that? 

That is what I and my friends did all day. And I, for one, had a blast! I have a challenge for you. Be a little kid tomorrow and just, have fun! Do something that seems “little kiddish” like  buildling a  snowman with your friends. Or… making a fort! Even something as simple as catching snowfalkes. Let me tell you, if you do it with a smile, you’ll have an incredible time!

-Jackee <3

Sick Day

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Eww I hate being sick. It just feels so… ick.
But, having a day off school isn’t always sooooooo bad.
But, the fact thta none of your other friends are sick, you don’t feel good, and you are locked in your house and can’t escape for the day isn’t so great. 
Verdict… sick days suck

I can’t not be entertained, so, all day I’ve been doing stuff nad have come up with a pretty good list of the best things to do on a sick day:




Reading passes tons of time and keeps your mind off of how crappy you feel.



While no one will be online, you’ll still be able to vamp up your profile, make posts, play games, add and edit photos, ect., ect., ect.




Sleep away the day and just ignore whatever is , or isn’t, going on.



Cuddle up on your  couch with a blanket, pillow and some water. Put in your favourite movie or your favourite channel and get absorbed!

5.  SIMS


The ultimate family drama computer game can take a lot of time and keep you from feeling too lonely.

-Jackee <3


Sunday, December 20th, 2009


     They can be a annoying, they can cause drama, but no doubt, almost every girl would love to have one.

     While some can be abbusive, which is anything but good. Others can be sweet and kind to you and everyone around them. 

     Do I hve one? No, currently not. Not Justin or Leo, William or Logan. Jace or Mac. Nope I’m a single girl and quite frankly, life is pretty good. While I may not have 1 extra present under my christmas tree, I can flirt or chat with any guy I want and not be worried about making my boyfriend annoyed or giving one of my girlfriends the wrong message  who would likely pass it on to my BF. Life can be sweet without one no doubt.

     But having one isn’t hell on earth either. I mean, you’ll feel cared about and loved. You, hopefully, will have that extra prestent at Christmas or your birthday. Also, You have someone to depend on. To make you smile or laugh even on the worst of days. I mean who doesn’t want a comferiting hand to hold while things aren’t great. Or even when they are!   

    Pros anjd cons to either side no doubt! I mean guys can be demanding, they take up time and space in your life that sometimes you won’t have. But having your girlfriends tyring to set you up with “that guy from (insert class here) that you would totally love” can be annoying out of this world! (We’ve all heard it).

     So which is better? the Single Lady, or the Taken One?


Mean Girl Trumps Project Runway

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009


I ccan’t believe it! No, no no no. ”Meana Irina” (thanks Logan for the quote) wins Project Runway. The one with the uninventive black collection that has been seen way to many times before takes the prize. With the “what it takes to be a women in the city” speech/theme she doesn’t shine.

I mean, Lifetime you’re putting out the message that even if your a total jerk to everyone around you and apparently own the word “sweater” you will win in the end. So, you can stop trying to be nice and attack everyone who makes a sweater or does “smudgy eye make up” even though it was the Lorel people who suggested it to both of them in the first place. Oh and don’t forget to wear black all year long because everyone has worn it. Forget trying to be unique (Carol Hannah) or inturprate things that peole will actually want in their closet (Athea).

Nope the mean girl wins again. 



Faux, Recycled, Real, or just none???

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Yes, I am talking about fur. Some say “Save the animals” others, hardly care what so ever.


This “fur controversy” is a big deal to SO many people, but honestly, fur-yesI just don’t know which one I care for.

Is it part of being an animal and a human? Or is it just humans being cruel?

I mean, peole protest all the time. But, how are you really sure which way to go.. which side to choose?

donna-dump-fur Do you choose people who say no?

Or the ones who say yes?


Think about it.